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Our mission is to ensure exceptional value for our clients and employees through engineered services, innovative ideas and creative solutions. Tacrom is composed of dedicated professionals, employing comprehensive team work and a desire and passion to be the best. Our goal is to provide fast, efficient service without compromising safety or the customer’s assets.

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Tacrom offers a fast moving turnkey service for drilling, completion and stimulation of shallow wells over the world

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    Tacrom, as an oilfield service company, specialised in Oilfield Stimulation (Hydraulic Fracturing , Coiled Tubing & Nitrogen and Gravel Pack operations). We search for new technologies for chemicals, proppant and pump design to offer the customer new possibilities.
    Also, our company is focused on fast operating drilling/ workover and completion operations and connected to the manufacturing plant to find better equipment solutions for faster, safer and more effective operations.