Nitrogen Pumping Operation

Nitrogen gas is routinely used in the oilfield industry, primarily to unload the well-bore of solids and fluids which otherwise restrict production, due to the hydrostatic effect of the well-bore material


What are Nitrogen services?

Impairments to production are not always the result of paraffin or scale buildup or debris. Heavy fluids can accumulate in a wellbore, restricting the flow of oil and gas. Nitrogen is the most common gas used to lift fluids and debris from the well. Nitrogen is often used in conjunction with stimulation fluids to aid in flowback of these fluids


What can Tacrom Offer?

Tacrom has various sizes of nitrogen pumping units that can deliver and pump nitrogen into any well, at any pressure up to 700 bars. We offer a full range of transport equipment to be able to perform any size of treatment.

The most common application is to lift and clean fluids and debris from the bottom of the well using coiled tubing or production tubing.

We also pump nitrogen with acid and with frac fluids to aid in diversion of the stimulation fluid over the entire perforated interval and therefore accelerate the cleanup of the well after a frac or acid treatment.


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Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing is designed to improve the well and reservoir performance and it is used for a wide range of oil field services

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A treatment with a stimulation fluid containing a reactive acid, used primarily to remove drilling damage and increase permeability near the well-bore