Hydraulic Fracturing & Frac Pack

Hydraulic fracturing is a treatment performed on oil and gas wells, most commonly used on productive zones exhibiting low to moderate permeability


What is Hydraulic Fracturing

Many formations are too tight to produce oil and/or natural gas, and require a stimulation process to extract the resources.

In hydraulic fracturing, fluids carrying proppant are pumped into the well with enough pressure to fracture the rock. These fractures are typically only a few mm in width. The proppant is placed in the fractures to hold open the cracks. This allows the hydrocarbons to flow more easily to the wellbore and greatly improves the economics of the well. Daily hydrocarbon production is typically 3-5 times higher compared to offset wells that are not fractured. Another benefit is that over the life of the well a larger percentage of oil and gas in place is recovered from the well.

What can Tacrom offer

Our staff of trained and experienced engineers, supervisors and operators design and execute many types of frac systems ranging from acid fracs and proppant fracs with slickwater fluids, hybrid fluids, hydrocarbon fluids, Nitrogen or CO2 foam and conventional guar fluids.

We offer complete lab testing of all fluids and proppants.

We begin by analysing all historical well data and using state of the art stimulation software to design a treatment.

Real time data during and after the frac is imported and analysed to ensure each and every treatment is optimised for the specific well conditions.

The ultimate goal of each treatment is to achieve the highest Return On Investment possible for our clients.


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How we work

Tacrom_Frac fleet
Tacrom_Frac fleet
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Tacrom_Hydraulic Fracturing
Tacrom_Hydraulic Fracturing
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Other services

Drilling Services

Tacrom provides “fast moving Equipment Fleets” for small and exposed locations. The rigs, as well as the auxiliary equipment, is flexible and can be arranged in different configurations for purposes such as Drilling / Workover and Well Interventions

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Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing is designed to improve the well and reservoir performance and it is used for a wide range of oil field services