Gravel Pack Operation

A treatment method used to prevent the production of formation sand into the well-bore



What is Sand Control?

Many gas and oil wells produce formation sand and fines while flowing. This debris builds up in the wellbore and eventually stops all production. It also destroys surface production equipment through erosion and corrosion.


What Tacrom can offer?

A sand control treatment consists of installing a cylindrical screen running from the packer to the bottom of the perforations and squeezing frac sand between this screen and the production casing.

Tacrom performs lab testing to determine the optimum screen opening size and proper sand grain size to ensure maximum effect.

Tacrom has the tools, equipment, skills and materials to properly install the packer and screens and to perform the gravel pack treatment. This treatment will result in little or no production drop, yet it will virtually eliminate formation sand production.


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A treatment with a stimulation fluid containing a reactive acid, used primarily to remove drilling damage and increase permeability near the well-bore

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Tacrom provides “fast moving Equipment Fleets” for small and exposed locations. The rigs, as well as the auxiliary equipment, is flexible and can be arranged in different configurations for purposes such as Drilling / Workover and Well Interventions