Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing is designed to improve the well and reservoir performance and it is used for a wide range of oil field services


What is Coiled Tubing?

Coiled tubing is a length of steel pipe, spooled onto a large diameter reel. The pipe comes in sizes from 32 mm up to 73 mm and can be run into any well whether it is vertical, deviated or horizontal. Coiled tubing units are purpose built and normally carry 4000 up to 6500 m of pipe. Coiled tubing is commonly used to convey tools, and circulate liquids and nitrogen into the wellbore while maintaining pressure in the wellbore.

What can Tacrom offer?

We have CT units with the capacity to run to the bottom of wells up to 6500 m deep to perform acid jobs, lift sand and debris, clean paraffin, scale and many other jobs. Each job is designed by our in-house engineers, including force analysis and hydraulic modeling to eliminate any chance of getting the pipe stuck in the wellbore. We can transmit data in real-time to our customers if requested and based on well response, the treatment can be adjusted by making changes on-the-fly to optimize performance.


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Nitrogen Pumping Operation

Nitrogen gas is routinely used in the oilfield industry, primarily to unload the well-bore of solids and fluids which otherwise restrict production, due to the hydrostatic effect of the well-bore material