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Tacrom provides “fast moving Equipment Fleets” for small and exposed locations. The rigs, as well as the auxiliary equipment, is flexible and can be arranged in different configurations for purposes such as Drilling / Workover and Well Interventions



Oil and Gas well drilling

Well repair and stimulation are economical ways to try to maintain historical production from drilled wells. But daily production inevitably declines over time as the production zone becomes depleted.

As a result, new wells have to be drilled to maintain or increase the supply of hydrocarbons to the final customer.

What Tacrom can offer?

Tacrom creates value for our customers by delivering high performance drilling services to every project.

With our field focus, Tacrom delivers maximum efficiency, helping our customers minimize risk, reduce well costs and generate Return On Investments. Our highly skilled and trained crews provide safe, consistent, repeatable and reliable service knowing they have the full support of the entire Tacrom team.

Tacrom continues to invest in new equipment and adopt new technology to keep our drilling services as economical as possible without sacrificing safety or quality.

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Gravel Packs


Coiled tubing jobs


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Drilled wells

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Tacrom_Drilling Rig
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Tacrom_Gravel Pack_Unit

Gravel Pack Operation

A treatment method used to prevent the production of formation sand into the well-bore

Tacrom_Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic Fracturing & Frac Pack

Hydraulic fracturing is a treatment performed on oil and gas wells, most commonly used on productive zones exhibiting low to moderate permeability