Tacrom Services has just rolled out a set of new equipment to offer faster and more efficient small acid and frac treatments as well as sand control jobs.

Gravel Pack Pumping Unit. (GPPU)

This equipment is multifunctional and highly maneuverable, eliminating unnecessary equipment and personnel.

Jobs that can be performed by this single unit:

1. Transfer and filter treatment fluids.
2. Mix proppant slurries and treatment fluids.
3. Add up to two liquid chemicals on the fly.
4. High pressure pumping up to 650 liters per minute with a maximum pressure of 700 bars.
5. Full Data acquisition capabilities for all pumping parameters.

This is a unique design, built by GOES GmbH, and will dramatically reduce time and cost for our customers.

Multi Purpose Pumping Unit (MPPU)

Tacrom Services now has a fleet of 5 Multi Purpose Pumping Units. These units are specifically designed by GOES GmbH to offer fast and efficient heating and pumping services.

Since these units include heating units, stainless steel tanks, transfer pumps, mixing pumps and high pressure triplex pumps they can do a wide range of jobs.

These units are specifically designed to perform three main types of jobs:

1. Heating oil or water to 90 c and pumping this heated fluid down oil wells or pipelines to dissolve and remove paraffin. Following which a paraffin inhibitor is pumped through the system to reduce future buildup.
2. Mixing and pumping acids and solvents into wells to remove contaminants and stimulate production. A full set of acid resistant tanks are supplied to allow mixing and pumping in a safe, efficient and environmentally manner.
3. Pumping sand slurries on gravel pack and consolidation treatments.

As with all Tacrom units there is a full data acquisition system to record all pumping parameters.

Frac Pump

In order to reduce mobilization costs for fracturing treatments Tacrom has replaced our fleet of frac pumps.
By utilizing 2500 HHP engines and quintiplex pumps these new units can deliver higher flow rates and utilize the engine HP more efficiently. These units can produce 1.5 m3/minute at 700 bars or 2.5 m3/minute at 420 bars.

The Mercedes Benz tractors utilize 6 x 6 traction to allow efficient movement in even the worst road conditions.
The units are fully compliant with EU road requirements therefore do not require any special permits or certifications.