Tacrom is now providing the Foam Fracturing technology for our customers.

Foam Frac is the technology where foam is used as a fracturing fluid. This technique has major advantages compared to conventional fracturing in low permeability, low bottom-hole pressure, and water sensitivity formations.

In the past six months seven foam frac jobs were done in Western Ukraine.

Tacrom has a Foam Frac Fleet currently located in Ukraine.

Advantages of Foam Fracturing compared to Conventional Fracturing:

  • Reduced amount of water pumped during frac operation, therefore less damage for water-sensitive formations;
  • Frac fluid system is compatible with low salinity brines. Sweet water consumption can be reduced to zero;
  • Much less chemicals are used during the frac operation;
  • Higher proppant placement efficiency (for the same amount of proppant – water volume can be decreased by 70%);
  • Combined with Tacrom’s Tree Saver (Wellhead isolation tool) no Work Over operations are required for wellhead or tubing replacement post frac;
  • Higher Fracture Conductivity due to using Cleaner Fracturing Fluids which do not build any filter cake in fracture.