Futura II

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Drillmec HH-75


75 tones

Hook Load Capacity

16.91 m

Overall Length


Tacrom Drilling S.R.L. provides “fast moving Equipment Fleets” for small and exposed locations. The rigs as well as the auxiliary equipment is flexible and can be arranged in different configurations for purposes such as Drilling /Workover and Well Interventions.

The “fast moving” concept with polymer mats for reducing Well Site preparation costs underlines the fast upstream operation for an efficient production startup of the well.

Tacrom Drilling focuses on small to medium sized mobile drilling units. It is our goal to maintain a modern and fit for purpose fleet of drilling rigs through a continuous upgrading and a ridged maintenance program.

With rigs built to the highest standards combined with superior personnel we are focused to deliver first class services to our clients.

Since the establishment of Tacrom Drilling in 2008 with one rig until the end of 2013 we have expanded our fleet to a total of five rigs.

Rig Type Land Rig Hydraulic
Manufacturer / Type Drillmec HH-75
Hook Load Capacity 75 Metric Tons
Overall Dimensions (transport position) Length: 16.91 m
Height: 21.9 m
Width: 4.27 m
Special Feature Small Footprint

Drilling Equipment

Mast Telescopic Mast, two sectional steel welded box type construction. Bottom section with inside guides to accommodate the top telescopic section. Total mast height in the drilling position is 21.95 m. Max. the static hook load capacity is 75 tons. Max. the pull is 75 ton. Max. push is 40 tons. Standpipe rated to 3,000 psi (210 bar). Max. the rotary opening is 32 1/2 in. free passage.
Top Drive Integrated Top Drive and Drilling Swivel driven by 4 top-head hydraulic motors, 3 in I.D. Full Opening, Variable Speed 0-150 RPM, Torque Range 0- 36.000 Nm, Max. Static Load is 75 tons.
Pipe Handling Drill Pipes are stored and transported in baskets. Baskets in vertical position are rigged up around the work floor during operations. Hydraulic Power Tong operated from Driller’s Panel, to make-up and break-out drill pipe and up to 8″ drill collars. Max. torque is 80,000 Nm. Power Tong is guided on a vertical hydraulic cylinder with 1.2 m vertical stroke.
Mud Pumps One pump container equipped with one TWS600S Triplex Plunger Pump, powered by a CAT 15, rated 580 BHP, 2100 RPM Diesel engine. The pump is rated to 2,000 psi (140 bar) with 4 1/2″ plungers. One trailer mounted TWS 2000 Triplex Plunger Pump powered by a CAT 3516, rated 2,200 BHP, Diesel engine.
Solid Control Two each NOV Brandt King Cobra Plus

Power Equipment

Receiving Mud Tank Open Steel Tank Capacity 35 m3
Storage Mud Tank Open Steel Tank Capacity 40 m3
Water Tank Open Steel Tank 30 m3
Diesel Tank Cylindrical Steel Tank 15 m3

BOP Equipment

Annular BOP Hydril 13 5/8 x 3000 Annular BOP API 16A
Double Ram BOP Shaffer Spherical 13 5/8″ x 3000 Double Ram BOP Api 16A c/w 5″ and Blind Rams
Choke Manifold Uztel 3 1/8″ x 3000 psi
BOP Control Unit 5 – Station CPC with 14 ea. 11 gal. Bottles; 3000 psi Nominal Working Pressure

Transportation Equipment

Wheel Loader 1 each Volvo L 90 C – Load Capacity 5.7 ton
Truck 2 each 6×6 Pull Trucks – 300 kW Mercedes c/w HIAB Crane 477 EP (Capacity 12 tons)(300 Kw each)
Semitrailer 2 each Oilfield Semitrailer


Site Office and Accommodation

Offices All containerised – 3 Offices fully equipped
First Aid 1 each fully equipped First Aid Unit
Accommodation All containerised – 1 each Rig Manager and Company Man fully furnished, including bathroom, accommodation units. Coffee Shack and Changing Units

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